Visitation Attorney

Here at the law office of the Wichita family lawyer, we always hope that legal matters involving children can be easily agreed upon between all parties involved. However, these issues do not always resolve themselves so effortlessly. If you need legal help determining or enforcing your visitation rights, contact our Wichita family law firm to speak with the Wichita family lawyer today.

The most common question we receive here at our office is whether a non-custodial parent has the right to see their child. The short answer is yes. The state of Kansas mandates that every parent has the right to access to his or her child. In most court cases, the court will rule for “reasonable visitation” which is an informal agreement that the parents work out themselves. In instances where parents cannot agree, the court will order the parents to mediation until the problems are resolved.

If you are a parent whose access rights are being violated, the Wichita family lawyer can help. Visitation violations occur for a variety reasons. Sometimes a custodial parent will refuse to allow the other parent to see his or her child for whatever reason. Make no mistake; it is illegal for a parent to deny you access to your child unless there is a court order restricting your visitation rights.

Our Wichita family law team is wholly dedicated to our clients and their children. If you need help with your visitation agreement or just have questions about your rights, contact our firm today to schedule a consultation.