Wichita Transitional Alimony Lawyer

Most clients are oftentimes very worried about their financial future following the dissolution of their marriage. At the law offices of the leading Wichita family lawyer, we can assist you in petitioning the court for alimony following your divorce. The state of Kansas has defined three primary types of alimony to help citizens in these financially unstable situations: transitional, short-term, and long-term permanent alimony.

In cases where a client is not eligible for long-term or short-term alimony, the Wichita family lawyer may be able to petition the court for a different type of alimony called transitional alimony.

Transitional alimony, sometimes referred to as lump sum alimony, is a one-time payment of alimony to help a disadvantaged party transition into their new life. This type of alimony could be used for a down payment on a new house, the payment for a realtor to sell an old property, or any other situation that requires a larger payment. Many clients in debt find transitional alimony to be very helpful to their situations. Transitional alimony can cover a very wide spectrum of needs.

Any resident seeking a divorce should to hire the best family law attorney possible. If you would like to seek alimony payments, the Wichita family lawyer can discuss your options with you. The Wichita family lawyer has worked with Kansas court judges for many years negotiating divorce terms, child custody, visitation, and alimony payments.

To discuss your alimony options, contact our office to speak with the Wichita family lawyer today.