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Rehabilitative Alimony

A divorce can be one of the most overwhelming obstacles a person can ever face. At the law offices of the leading Wichita family lawyer, we support our clients fully in seeking whatever support they need to transition into their new lives. Professional mediators and counselors can help ease the move into the single life. As your legal team, we can help you transition financially into a new chapter in your life by petitioning the court for a short-term alimony award.

Sometimes referred to as “rehabilitative” alimony, this form of spousal support is paid for a short period of time to help the financially disadvantaged party transition into a career or vocation apart from married life. This period of time could be for a period of months or years until the awarded spouse demonstrates financial independence.

If a client was a homemaker and never finished college due to getting married and beginning a family, they this client will probably require temporary financial assistance as they attempt to finish college or a vocational program. In other cases were a client may need to get additional training to re-certify themselves in their field, short-term alimony may be appropriate.

Our Wichita Divorce Attorney Can Assist You

A divorce should not leave any client in a state of financial distress. The Wichita family lawyer can help you prove to the court why short-term alimony should be awarded in your specific situation. Our legal team can also help you explore other alimony options.

If you feel that you may be eligible for short-term alimony, appoint an attorney with the knowledge necessary to win in the Kansas family courts. Contact the law office of the Wichita family lawyer today to schedule a consultation.