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Recovery of Attorney Fees

While some clients are quick to seek a divorce, others delay the dissolution of their marriage for fear of the cost. A contested divorce can take many months and even years to completely resolve in court. The longer a divorce takes, the more expensive the overall proceeding will be. Thankfully, the state of Kansas as legislated laws that allow a financially disadvantaged individual to petition the court for the recovery of their attorney fees. If you are seeking a divorce but are unsure of whether you can afford the cost, such a petition may be right for you. Contact the law office of the Wichita divorce lawyer to discuss your options.

The state of Kansas has allowed for financially distressed spouses to petition for the recovery of their attorney at the very beginning of the divorce proceeding. This is incredibly advantageous to know how your divorce will be paid for before the attorney fees are billed. If you are seeking a divorce but cannot afford the entire cost of appointing an attorney, the Wichita family lawyer will file forms with the Kansas courts to officially request that a judge evaluate the financial position of both you and your divorcing spouse. If a recovery is granted, the judge will rule that the more financially stable spouse pay a portion or sometimes the entire amount of those fees deemed reasonable.

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Reasonable fees are those that are not legally frivolous. If the judge feels that the petitioning spouse is purposefully attempting to elongate the divorce proceeding and rack up more fees owed to the attorneys, the judge will deny the request.

If you have questions about petitioning for the recovery of your attorney fees, contact the law office of the Wichita family lawyer today for an immediate consultation.