Witchita Family Lawyer

Property Rights

The Wichita family lawyer understands that every client wants to protect their assets during the dissolution of their marriage. Divorcing spouses can decide how to divide their assets on their own, but in cases where no agreement can be reached, the Wichita family lawyer can help.

Some states split property evenly during a divorce. Thankfully in the state of Kansas, property allocation is determined according to a number of factors designed for an equitable distribution, not equal allocation. This means that if a divorcing couple has four properties between the two of them, the judge isn’t going to just give two properties to each individual. Equitable distribution is according to what is fair, not what is equal.

Our Wichita Divorce Attorney Can Influence the Outcome

The judge will divide the “real” and “personal property,” including any retirement and pension plans owned prior to or during the marriage by the following:

Property rights negotiations often come down to factual evidence such as the length of the marriage and how much “effort” both parties put into maintaining their property and assets. Appoint a lawyer that is educated and experienced in the realm of property rights legislation. If you feel that you are entitled to property from an ex-spouse, contact the law office of the Wichita family lawyer to begin building your case today.