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Modification of Child Support

The state of Kansas has provided a fairly simple process to requesting a modification of a child support order. Although no lawyer is required during this process, many clients find the legal knowledge of a family law attorney to be helpful. If you need to modify your child support agreement for any reason, the Wichita family lawyer can help.

Child support is meant to provide financially for the needs of a child. If these needs should change for any reason, the custodial parent can request a modification in their child support agreement. However, legally speaking, both parents have the legal right to request a modification in child support.

If for instance a parent loses his or her job, that parent can request to have their child support agreement modified. This modification could be an increase or a decrease in the amount of support paid each month or a change in the frequency of child support payments.

Our Wichita Divorce Attorney Can Guide You Through the Process

In order to request a court hearing, the petitioner must file all paperwork included in the Pro-se packet, which includes a Motion and Notice of Hearing, Domestic Relations Affidavit, Child Care Verification, Employer Verification, Request and Service Instruction Form, and Return of Service for certified mail. Also required are a paycheck stub and your last year’s income tax records. Any party and their attorney must be officially served with this paperwork. A hearing date is usually scheduled within 4-6 weeks of all documents being filed.

If you are seeking a modification in child support, contact the law office of the Wichita family lawyer today.