Wichita Family Lawyer


At the law office of the Wichita family lawyer, we understand that a divorce proceeding can be one of the most emotionally taxing experiences a pair of individuals can ever face. Pair that with the confusion of divorce legislation, and the situation can seem completely daunting. If you and your spouse are having trouble negotiating the terms of your dissolution of marriage, mediation may be right for you.

The Wichita family lawyer is a trained mediator and can administer the process to any client seeking such services. Mediation is completely closed-door and private. It is not done in the presence of a judge, as it is meant to be a non-legal environment for partners and their attorneys to discuss the terms of the dissolution of their marriage in a peaceful manner. Nothing said during a mediation meeting can come back to haunt you in a court divorce proceeding.

Our Wichita Family Attorney Can Assist You

When a mediation session is called, the Wichita family lawyer’s primary goal is to assist both partners in agreeing on matters of separation of their finances, child custody, and any other matter.

The Wichita family lawyer has many years of experience in the area of mediation. Our family law team is more than willing to guide our clients through this emotional period in their lives. A single session of mediation is oftentimes the determining factor in a less time consuming and therefore less costly divorce. If both spouses can come to an agreement on the terms of their divorce in one or two mediation meetings, they could save thousands of dollars in fees.

If you would like to arrange a mediation meeting, contact the law office of the Wichita family lawyer today.