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Grandparents' Rights

If you are a grandparent whose child is going through a divorce with their spouse, you’re probably concerned about what will become of your relationship with your grandchildren. If your child is not awarded primary custody, can their former spouse sever your ties with your grandchild? In the state of Kansas, the answer is yes and no.

Kansas state law provides that following a divorce, grandparents and stepparents may be granted visitation rights if this visitation can be proven as in the best interest of the child. Grandparents especially can petition for visitation if it can be proved that they have established a substantial relationship with the child or if their child has died and their grandchild has been adopted by a stepparent. However, if a grandchild was adopted by a third party, if or their child’s parental rights were legally terminated, the natural grandparents do not have a right to visitation.

A grandparents’ visitation case is strengthened if one or more of the grandparents have provided any sort of care for the child. This could be through babysitting or other means of a financial nature.

Our Wichita Family Lawyer Can Help Establish Visitation Rights

The judge has the discretion in all family law cases, but especially with visitation orders. Wichita family lawyer will take all evidence of a grandparent’s relationship with a grandchild to the judge to help prove that it is in fact in the child’s best interest for visitation to be established.

Establishing the rights of grandparents legally can be a very complicated matter. If you are a grandparent in the Wichita area wanting to see your grandchild, contact the Wichita family lawyer to discuss establishing your rights legally.