Witchita Family Lawyer

Flat Fee Divorce

For those cases of divorce where both spouses have agreed on all terms of dissolution, the Wichita family lawyer can charge a single fee for a “flat fee” or uncontested divorce.

The flat fee in an uncontested divorce is all-inclusive. Any client seeking such services will receive all documents required to dissolve a marriage and legal advice regarding how to proceed with the Kansas courts.

If you and your partner agree on matters of child custody, alimony, and property and asset division, there is no reason you and your partner cannot fill out the forms with the legal assistance of the Wichita divorce lawyer wherever you need it.

Our Wichita Family Attorney Can Help You Decide

In some cases, partners seeking a divorce that have already begun the process on their own find flat fee divorces to be beneficial. If partners encounter problems with the court or find that they need legal advice, a flat fee divorce could be a viable option. These clients do not necessarily want to change course and appoint a lawyer, but seeking the advice of the Wichita family lawyer can solve administrative problems and get the divorce proceeding rolling again.

The advantages of a flat fee divorce are numerous. Couples can spend almost no time in official meetings and hearings, spend less money on the total divorce proceeding, and ultimately receive a faster dissolution of marriage.

A Wichita family lawyer can assist anyone seeking a flat fee divorce. Contact our Wichita family law firm today to discuss your flat fee divorce options with the Wichita family lawyer.