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Wichita Contempt Of Court Lawyer

The state of Kansas will deal judiciously with any individual found to be in violation of court orders, especially those in the realm of family law. If you are being held in contempt of court or want to hold your ex-spouse in contempt of the Kansas courts for violating a post-dissolution order, the Wichita family lawyer can help.

A party will be held in contempt of court for violating any type of family law court order including failure to make alimony or child support payments, and neglecting to hand over property/assets to an ex-spouse. Most clients attempt to negotiate with their ex-spouses on their own, but sometime legal assistance is required.

Sometimes a violation of a settlement agreement will occur without it being on purpose. If this is your case, you can still be held in contempt of court and found guilty, only to face legal ramifications.

Our Family Attorney Can Help You with Enforcement of Court Orders

The court deals especially harshly with matters involving children. If you fail to pay your child support on time, you could lose your driver’s license, face jail time, or a number of other consequences. If an ex-spouse is failing to pay your alimony, do not withhold their visitation rights to your children. Violations of visitation and child custody could result in the modification of your child custody order.

In other instances where a client is having a hard time with a land or home title transfer, the court could transfer the title without the other party’s permission, freeze bank accounts, recommend tax audits, and impose other financial punishments.

If you are being held in contempt of court or would like to speak to an attorney about the steps to enforcing your divorce court orders, contact the Wichita family lawyer today.