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A growing number of married couples seeking to dissolve their marriages are choosing a collaborative divorce as the process right for them. Though you may never have heard of a collaborative divorce, this option is palatable for one simple reason—it is much more peaceful and respectful than a typical divorce proceeding.

A collaborative divorce is a divorce proceeding that utilizes a process of teamwork largely out of the Kansas courts. Each of the spouses and their two separate Wichita divorce attorneys all agree to work together during the divorce proceeding without any act of vengeance, anger, or disrespect toward any other party. Each of the attorneys works with each other and with each spouse to effectively negotiate all matters that arise during the divorce proceeding including child custody, visitation, separation of assets, and more.

If at any point a collaborative divorce breaks down, each partner is legally free to seek out other attorneys. Some collaborative divorces include lawyers within the same family law firm, while others do not.

Our Wichita Divorce Attorney Recommends Collaborative Divorce

The Wichita family lawyer enjoys working within the collaborative divorce process because an amicable divorce is the best kind of divorce. And as with other divorce arrangements, any necessary counselors, financial analysts, or mediators will be used where necessary. Clients that come to the Wichita family lawyer for a divorce often find that a collaborative divorce is the most pleasant and smooth divorce process. It is also oftentimes faster and less expensive than the typical court divorce proceeding.

To discuss whether a collaborative divorce is a viable option for you and your spouse, contact the law offices of the Wichita family lawyer today.