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Child support is meant to provide a financial means to providing for the needs of a child. The judge in any divorce case will evaluate all factors in determining how much child support will be awarded to the custodial parent, if any child support is even deemed necessary. However, the state of Kansas also has a child support worksheet that calculates exactly how much child support should be theoretically given in each case.

The worksheet calculates:

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Many clients have concerns about whether their child support order covers more than just the bare necessities. Child support “adjustments” are those specific circumstances that require financial support unique to each case. If a child has been attending a private school or a tutoring program the judge will rule for child support to continue such activities. Like child custody agreements, child support agreements are meat to keep children in a stable environment.

If you need help in estimating child support, petitioning the court for child support, or establishing an order as a part of a divorce proceeding, contact the Wichita family lawyer to discuss your case.