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At the law office of the Wichita family lawyer, we care greatly about our clients and their children. Custody and visitation rights are one of the more contentious matters between ex-spouses or ex-partners. If you or your loved one needs help establishing custody of a child within a divorce proceeding or just on your own, contact us to speak with the Wichita family lawyer today.

The state of Kansas cares greatly for the welfare of children during and after a divorce. If you are seeking a divorce, child custody must be worked out before the dissolution of marriage will be official.

There are four primary types of child custody in the state of Kansas:

Our Witchita Divorce Attorney Can Help You Determine the Best Type of Custody For You

Joint legal custody is the ideal arrangement and the most common amongst divorce cases. However, shared joint custody is not always possible in every situation. If a parent is not involved in the child’s life because of mental incapacity, incarceration, or a general neglect, sole custody can be awarded. In this arrangement, the appointed parent will be responsible for making all major parenting decisions.

Divided custody and non-parental custody are more rare the latter two arrangements. Divided custody is where one parent has one child or set of children, while the other parent has custody of the remaining sibling(s). Non-parental custody is granted to guardians in situations where the parents are unfit or unable to care properly for the child.

A trial judge will determine what type of custody is appropriate according to the situation of the parents, the child’s wishes if they are old enough, and the abilities of each parent to provide financial support and moral instruction for the child. The purpose of a custody agreement is to maintain as much normalcy for the child as possible.

If you need legal assistance in establishing a child custody order, contact the law office of the Wichita family lawyer today.