Wichita Alimony Attorney

At the law office of the Wichita family lawyer, we know that each divorce is different. Every client has individual needs unique to their specific circumstances that require the attention and action. If divorcing your spouse is going to change the quality of life for you and your family, you may be eligible for alimony payments.

In the state of Kansas there are three types of alimony:

The amount of alimony awarded and the length of time that alimony will be paid is determined according to a variety of factors, most importantly the earning capacity of each spouse and the length of the marriage. Alimony will also be determined based upon the standard of living during the marriage, the age of each individual, and contributions of each spouse during the marriage.

The primary purpose of alimony is to help the less financially advantaged spouse transition into their new life apart from married life. A homemaker with children will probably be awarded alimony in a divorce. This alimony could be awarded for a period of a few months, a few years, or for life. In the event that a divorcing couple is older in age, the judge will probably award permanent alimony until death or the remarriage of the financially disadvantaged spouse.

The Wichita family lawyer will carefully evaluate the details of your case to determine if alimony will be granted in your case and how much you can expect. Contact our office today for a consultation regarding your alimony case.